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Crossfire 6950 or GTX 580?

I am upgrading my graphics from two crossfired 6850's. I have three 1080p monitors and the 6850's just aren't cutting it anymore. Which setup should i get, GTX 580 or crossfire 6950's?
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  1. better go with 7850 CF!
  2. Xfire 7850's.
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    I have xfire 6950's 2gb right now and love it.

    i have the xfx with the bios switch so i can flash them to 6970's if needed.

    great set of cards.
  4. I dont think I want to go with any 7000 series cards unless its 7970.
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  6. Thanks inerax, I think I'll probably go with CF 6950's then. Do you know if they have good performance across three monitors?
  7. ^but they won't do well on eyefinity!
  8. I have dual monitors and it works great. i run 2 wow's. 1 on each monitor somtimes
  9. Two 6850's is about the power of a single 6950, so I guess crossfire 6950's is 4 times the power?
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