Problem in my x6 1090t and dram

Hi guyz
First this is my pc specs :

X6 1090t on stock speeds
Hyper 212 evo
Asus ROG crosshair iv 890fx
Ram 8g ( 2*4
Psu 600w

I didnt open the computer for around 3 week but before that it was working oerfectly

When i tried to open it today evry thing was running but nothing on the screen
So i changed the gpu and the same problem still there so i removed all rams and cpu and cleaned them well and applied new thermal paste but also the same problem and the mobo have lights on cpu and dram i dont know what this means kr what to do so please help :sweat:
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  1. The same thing happened to me but luckily I made sure my monitor was working by connecting it to my laptop and sure enough my monitor was flakey, it would only show a screen for a half second and then the screen would go black but the power & lights on it would stay on. I bought a new lcd and all is good.

    Please make sure your display is working fine.
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