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Which brand for HD radeon 7750 card?


I would like to go for a radeon hd 7750 card. As my monitor resolution is 1360*768 i hope i can play all games releasing in 1 or 2 yrs in high settings. I am not sure whether to go for ASUS/Gigabyte/Sapphire/XFX/HIS card. I would like to avoid 6 pin connector. I have a old PSU Gigabyte Superb 550(450 W) and my motherboard is intel DH61WW,processor i5 2310 and ram 8gb.
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    Any of the brands you've listed will be fine. If they're all around the same price, I'd pick the one with the best warranty.
  2. gigabyte runs cooler so i'd go with gigabyte, otherwise sapphire is unique choice.
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