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The other day i was installing stuff on my computer and it locked up, when i went into windows my second hdd's label had changed to *_||** and all the files had been combined into 3 and renamed similarly. I scandisked and it said i had 1.7GB of lost clusters, so i fixed all the errors thru scandisk. What the hell has caused this problem. It keeps on doing it and im pretty sure i dont have a virus, as i have norton 2000 with the latest virus definitions.
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  1. What stuff were you installing on your computer?

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  2. i was installing NBA Live 2001 when it locked up.
  3. I would say that depending on the Hdd manufacture I would run Diagnostics on it and maybe even if they have a Low Level Format. That way you can repartition and format on a clean slate and hopefully that will resolve the problem. I'm thinking that the partition is corrupt or something ....???

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  4. I've deleted the partitions and re-created them in FDISK, did thoruogh scandisks on both my Hard drives (8 hours later) installed windows 98 and so-far no problems, hopefully it'll all be fine now! (fingers crossed).

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