GTX 560 TI Temps Hot?


I have a GTX 560 TI Twin Frzr II that idles around 42 degrees running 2 screens now is this normal for this graphics card and my setup, playing world of warcraft on ultra for a couple of hours it will max it 50-60 degrees and playing Dirt 3 on ultra it will max hit 70

Do these seem ok here is the picture at idle.

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  1. i think the load temps are ok but the idle should be around 35c. make sure you have enough airflow around the video card.

    its this high since (i think) you are running 2 monitors and putting a higher load than usual. try playing with one monitor
  2. They run hot... that is all there is to it...
  3. It's because with 2 monitors it idles at full clocks. If you check your clocks in msi afterburner you will see. I have a 560ti tf2 as well and just plug my 2nd monitor in my integrated. Games will usually make it hit ~65C. Mine always idles around the same temps as my hdd in my antec 300 illusion.

    You did not have to make 5 threads about temps.
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