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Ram and graphics for Revit

I am looking at components to customize a new HP desktop. I am an architect using Revit, 3D graphics. A few questions:

Will more Ram be better?
What graphics card is recommended ?
Other notes from the computer wise?

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  1. Ram will help. Professional GPU card would be best
  2. rolli59 said:
    Ram will help. Professional GPU card would be best

    Thanks Rolli59.

    I have two monitors that i will continue to use. Any suggestions on a graphics card for this set up? Thanks!
  3. What is the options you have! Specially the professional ones, most modern cards support at least two monitors.
  4. it might help if we knew the specifications of the hp you have

    heres the requirements for revit--do you already meet them?
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    Get an i7 CPU.
    Ram you can go as high as you want,expecially on heavy 3D work.
    For a gpu go for a nvidia quadro,those are dedicated to your line of work.This will also be the most expensive and crucial component.
  6. Thanks!
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