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Buying 4890 oc

ok friend s now upgrade my case to corsair 400 r but a friend want to sell a old msi 4890 oc edtion here is the link
ok now it only have 2 month warranty left on purchase he selling me this card at 75 $ only should i buy because i am
tight on budget
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  1. How well do you trust your friend? How old is the card? Why is he selling it? The price is worth it if you can trust your friend and you know how the card is working now.

    But I would tell your friend you will pay him after the card is running and it can handle the games you play. Or pay half and check out the card. A new card on Ebay unopened not OC'd is going for $120.00 US.

    That is what I would do. Good luck to you.
  2. i just watch it from erodov site here is the link
    so would be appreciate if you agree with this post
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    Well I clicked on your link and then click on the link there and it said this item is no longer offered. So I can't check out anything I tried sorry. I can't make that choice for you.

    In todays world there is a lot fraud out there so you have to be real careful when buying used stuff. And since I could not see the card in action and how would I even know that is the same card playing.

    I do wish you the best of luck and I hope you find what you are looking for. Cheers
  4. thanks mate now i m decided that istead of buying and old gpu will harmful i will increase my budget and buy a new one hpu like 6870 and 6950 or 7850 o wait till nvidia 66ti launches september thanks for your support mate you drag me out in this worst condition very very much thankful now i learn if you spending money on product you should buy a quality product that have full sufficient of your money thanks dm186
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