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So after running the prime 95 stress test on my new Pc the hottest the cpu got on core 0 was 61c (and the other 3 cores where below 59c), is this about right?
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  1. sounds ok

    but it might help if you said which cpu and if its overclocked or not
  2. ahah i just realized,standard clocks,i7-3770k
  3. sounds not too bad then

    which heatsink and how high your ambient temperature is also have an effect
  4. Imo, position your fan intake directly in line with your air conditioner/central air vent. :D
  5. Yup, those temps are fine. You're CPU can get up to like 80C at 100% load, but I wouldn't venture past that. I don't like getting into the 70's. lol
  6. yeah just been oc'ing and still in 72c @4.5Ghz at 100% load for an hour so pretty happy at the moment:) and still silent as the dead.
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