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Hey guys, I recently finished building my first home/custom build and the specs are as follows:

i5 2550k 3.4Ghz
Palit Radeon HD 4850 512MB
Gigabyte Ga-H61M-D2H-Usb3
G.Skill 4GB 133Mhz Ripjaws
OCZ Fatal1ty 550w Modular
Zalman Performa CPU Cooler
All packed away in a Themaltake Tsunami Dream

The problem i have is that every time i boot the computer up from being turned off for about an hour or two i get a black screen displaying red wording which reads something along the lines of please connect the power to the graphics card and restart the system. Now when this happened first i removed the 6-pin power connectors x2 from my graphics card and re connected them and it worked, today however the message, quite annoyingly, came on again this morning. Now i did the same process and it didnt work, so i removed the card and re inserted it, attached the power cables again and it worked. It crashed and i had to repeat the process, i was just wondering if this was the graphics card, motherboard or cables. I have a new card on order which i hope is going to arrive tomorrow so i will try that card and see how it goes but some feedback from here would be awesome.

The card on order is the XFX Radeon HD 4890 1GB.

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  1. why are you getting another last last last generation card? you need a 7850 man

    to test for graphics, plug it into a older machine and see if it works
  2. In my limited experience its the card. (as a modular PSU it could be the cables if they aren't in tight on the other end.) Card plugs are working loose and need to be replaced. And I agree, why such older cards?
  3. You have a nice cpu, why are you choosing to put an old GPU with it:

    See this chart:

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