7850 XFX vs MSI

I would like to get a 7850. The MSI one gets sold way too quickly. This morning it was on NewEgg and now it is out of stock. On Amazon, it's about 30 dollars more. The XFX Double D version one is on sale ($20 off). I desperately need a new card. My 6870 has serious display adapter problems. I also want a new card to run Witcher 2 on Ultra and GTA IV Icehancer.

Should I wait around a week or 2 for it to restock or take advantage of the sale on the XFX card?
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  1. Get the XFX, Cooler looks much nicer and preforms just as good, if not better than the MSI.
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    You really cant go wrong with either XFX or MSI both make great coolers for their cards.
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