60GXP Raid0...4x20g vs 2x40

Which setup would you use? Is the speed increase from the 20g to 40g good enough to warrant this? With the 2x40g I always have the option to make it a 3x40 or 4x40...although I probably would never need that much space. Also the 20g $/gig is considerable more expensive.
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  1. Oh yeah,
    I have a 9.1 10k scsi cheetah, so I guess that makes the 2x40 more attractive since the OS will be on the SCSI(fast) and the raid will be used for files and programs.
  2. I would go with two 40's. For one it will be less of a head ache, and for two less heat in the system. I just got two 30gig Maxtor's for a RIAD 0 and I can't even figure out where I'm going to put them in my case ... I don't know where I would even put four of them if I had them!

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  3. If you have room, go for the four. You won't need more space than that, and 4 drives in a RAID 0 will be significantly faster than 2 drives.

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  4. I've been buying most of my hardware from www.newegg.com and they have the IBM 60GXP 40 GB 7200rpm drives for 107.00 with I believe 7.00 fedex saver shipping. Great company to deal with. For that price just buy a dozen. :)
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