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I am upgrading my system from Intel duo 2cores e7400.

The cpu i was choosing is the AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz and the video card i currently have is the Gigabyte gtx 460 v2. I do not plan on sli but i plan on OC'ing. Is it possible to oc this processor?

I want a good motherboard for this build and i do not know which one to pick.

The ram i want is the CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB, is it compatible?

Can i OC the video card on the motherboard?

The prefered website is and i live in Canada. My psu is Seasonic 520w and my case Lexa Blackline.

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    Yes its possible to OC the CPU, although to go higher than 3.7GHZ you will need an aftermarket cooler. I would suggest a CoolerMaster 212 Evo. For overclocking, Phenom IIs tend to top out at 4.0-4.4GHZ (every CPU overclocks differently)

    Decent motherboard:



    The video card you can try to overclock, 460s don't overclock very far, but you can give it a shot. Honestly I don't think its worth the trouble.

    Yes a Corsair Vengeance 8GB kit works.
  2. I was going for asrock mobo, which one is the best?
    And is it possible i overclocked my GPU to 1ghz with max V using evga precision?
  3. I wouldn't get my hopes up on 1ghz on a 460.

    You can check these articles out

    I looked at the Asrock boards on, I thought the only decent ones were too expensive, which is why I went to Asus. If you want an asrock mobo, I would take this one out of's selection, although, its more expensive than it should be for what it is (the same board is priced a lot cheaper at newegg in the US)
  4. I mean ive done it. Ive reached 1.2ghz then i wasnt stable
  5. You can try it, but I think you're pushing it too far. Are you talking about the memory overclock or the GPU? 1.2ghz is too damn far for the GPU clock, the memory, maybe not.
  6. Well i was just looking for a red/black mobo to match my color scheme
  7. How about a biostar?

    Close enough? Color scheme aside, in terms of quality, my vote is still going to fall in favor of the Asus. That Asrock board is only $90 on Newegg's US website, and to be honest with 4+1 power phases, its not worth a penny more. The Asus board I linked to you has a 6+2 power phase. Whats a power phase you say? Useful for getting stable CPU overclocks.
  8. And what about a 150$ mobo, does it offer better quality?
  9. Depends on the $150 mobo in question. Is there one specifically you have in mind? Honestly though, I'd say you're overspending at that point. And might want to look at Intel i5s if you have that kind of budget.
  10. Well i was going to go i5, but my gpu would bottleneck it, right?
  11. Probably a little bit yes, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be worth considering. You can always get a better video card later on. Most games the video card is the limiting factor anyway. Pretty much any modern CPU is overpowered for the vast majority of computer games Phenom IIs and i5s alike.
  12. Its only that 100$ seems a bit cheap to me,i wasn't sure that kind of mobo was good quality, but ill look at your options, thanks for the help.
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