Intel Processors for laptop(ultrabook)

Hi, I have a laptop with how to say... old socket he works only with 1.4Ghz-1.7Ghz (I tested)
So question is which processor is best for it! (1.7Ghz is way to strong for it but it launches)
Intel: 04 1.6/2M/400 or? Intel 02 1.6/1M or? Intel 02 1.4/1M Intel 04 1.6/1M/400
now he runs with Intel 03 1.6/2M

If i could i would put Intel 06 2.13/1M/533 but...
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  1. get the one that doesnt overheat the laptop when its all put back together.
  2. they work alomst all but which one is better?
  3. The one with the highest clock speed, there's no real technology change within those processors, followed by the one with the most cache so that means the 1.6/2m is the winner.
  4. thnx for help!
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