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Hey all,

I had a lot of fun building me own rig, but I have a question that I don't think gets asked very often. What do you guys do with your old computers? I have an old Dell Dimension and I don't want to let it sit around gathering dust again. Please share your thoughts!
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  1. Hello,

    You could set up an old computer for a younger one so they don't destroy yours :)

    Make a linux proxy server for yourself.

    You can give it away to a licensed charity for a nice little tax reduction.

    Give it to a school's IT program so they could take it apart/rebuild it (or whatever they would do with it).

    An old computer even makes a good word program/editor (libreoffice) and internet browser.

    Go to a gun range and shoot it to smithereens.

    Now, your only choice is what to do with it :)
  2. i used mine as a backup but eventually took it to a place that took old computer's they can give them back to the public. you can try to seel it but depending on the age you will not get much for it
  3. Forgot one - you could send it to a recycling facility for electronics if one exists in your area. You probably wouldn't get much for it that way though.
  4. I use my old laptop(s) for internet streaming radio attached to a receiver, and my old desktop as VPN and vpn over SSH server.
  5. sell it and make it no longer your problem
  6. use it as a Linux machine and experiment something other than windows, and if you damage it or screw something up it doesn't really matter seeing how its just a tinker toy
  7. Start a bonfire.
  8. ...don't start a bondfire with computer components. There are harsh chemicals and other dangerous substances within/on the computer components.

    Someone may have been joking...but it's a bad idea.
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