PC randomly shutting down during games?

my computer has been randomly shutting off for the past month now it overheated but now it doesnt overheat and i cleaned my computer and run daily scans on my computer and i downloaded "League of Legends" on my computer today and now whenever i play it after a few seconds on the game when i start to play it shuts itself down and i have run out of ideas on what to do, what do you think the problem could be?
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  1. Holy run-on sentence Batman!

    is it only that game?
  2. +1^- When else does your PC shut off? It could be due to your PSU, list your specs.
  3. 1. Check your cons power supply to see if everythingd properly plugged in (yes this happens a lot)
    2. Check your airflow make sure your PC isn't again a wall or right next to something, depending on hoe many fans you have your PC could be trying to pill air in and blow it out and you may be blocking air flow
    3. Check all the stuff in your PC and see how much wattage it uses, than see how big your power supply is and make sure its covering all of it nicely

    Something that its randomly turning off is most likely something that I stated above, if its not than it will have something to do with your motherboard or processor which the company will have to fix
  4. it may also be that you have insuficient ram memory for the game or your graphics card isnt compatible with the drivers your card is running on or dx
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