CD-RW Software with Win2k??

I am having lots of trouble using adaptec easy cd creator 4.0 in Win 2k SP2. It works for a while then locks up the system. Upon reinstall I got a blue screen stop error and had to reformat. This has happened more than once. What is the best software to get that is less error prone?


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  1. Easy CD Destroyer you mean.

    Go get Nero 5.
    i use it with my ricoh 12x10x32x with win2k, nill problems.

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  2. Does easy cd 4.0 have a really bad rep?
    What is the price of Nero?

  3. I am using Nero 5 too. Have no problem in Win2k.
  4. When I saw the thread title, I thought of answering something like "anything but Easy CD Creator!!!". Too late, I gather...
    And you've been lucky - it seems that sometimes Easy CD Creator 5 destroys Windows2k entire system...

    For a positive advice, try Nero (very good) for an alround burning software. And it lives without much problems with other recording software (CDRWin, Clone CD,... except ECDC) that are more suitable for specialized tasks.

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  5. Goto Roxio's web page and update it to 4.05 for free and see if that changes anything ...

    I was running 4.02 and upgraded it to 4.05 on Windows200 and didn't have any problems ...

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  6. That is kind of what I tried to do. I tried to switch to Nero but I only had an OEM copy and it didn't work with the plextor. I then had to reinstall ECDC. When I did I downloaded the patch, but I rebooted before I installed the patch. That was the death of my system.

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  7. yes. easy cd cremator has been known to nuke peoples windows instillations.

    nero is much more reliable.
    i only have nero 5.0
    and ive never had any troubles with it.

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