Compatible hardware for asrock 970 pro3

guys i need your review

i've bought this items, and is there any item that not compatible with the board? thanks

Asrock 970 pro3
AMD Buldozer FX6100 3.3ghz
HIS HD6670 1GB 128Bit DDR5 H667F1G
KINGSTONE KVR1333D3N9/4G 4GB Pc 1066 4GB x 2 (8GB)
Seagate SATA III 1TB/7200rpm 16MB
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  1. Nothing obvious stands out but please check to make sure the board doesn't need the bios updated before it can run the bulldozer cpu or do you have access to an athlonII/PhenomII in case it does.
  2. Chances are you wont need the bios update, the Asrock web page indicated that for the FX-6100 requires the bios version 1.10 which is quite old (6 months ago) and was the first official update to the bios. Right now the newest bios update is 1.60 so compared to the 1.10 you should be fine considering you just bought the motherboard recently.

    Anyways apart from that, did you go ahead and buy this build without asking for any recommendations? Kind of lost money and value when you went for the FX-6100. There are better processors on the same AM3/AM3+ platform that costs cheaper yet performs better.
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