Black Ops 2 Loads Map Slow

Hey guys, sorry if i posted this in the wrong category, didn't have a clue what to post it under :pt1cable:

But anyway, my problem is that sometimes it will take a while to load a map, (basically for me to actually get in-game,) and this is a real problem since i play one in the chamber a lot and sometimes I won't get a chance to play :cry:

PC Specs

AMD FX 4100
AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB <-- I Thought That May Be A Problem
Unbranded (I Think) 430w PSU
4GB Patriot RAM <-- I Thought The Lack Of Ram May Be A Problem Also
500GB 5400RPM Sea-gate HDD

(If necessary)
Razer Abyssus Mirror Edition Gaming Mouse
HP Keyboard :??:

Please Reply As It Really Annoys Me XD
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  1. Just a guess. Im sure others will post.
    But this is what i think it is ~ 500GB 5400RPM Sea-gate HDD
    Get an ssd or a 7200 rpm drive.
  2. ^
    +1 : this is most likely due to the slow HDD, getting a SSD drive should help
  3. Also just fyi to the OP. 8 GB of ram is "ideal" for gaming. But for games as of now. 4 GB is typically more then enough. Highly unlikely it's slowing you down any.
  4. For the cost of a new 7200rpm hdd you could easily get a 64gb ssd just to load games on.
    Integrating it into windows would be a piece of cake. You won't even need to reinstall windows.
  5. I agree with the posters above me, it's just a matter of the information getting out of your hard drive at a low rate.
  6. Okay I tried everything that everyone "Claimed" to be the issue and/or the solution... They were all wrong except one comment was close. someone suggested to go into the control panel and and check updates, that by itself did not work. What I did do was I saw that the Device Mgr. that under Other Devices that the PowerPC Processor had a ? on it. This sent me on a wild goose chase looking for that driver (That didn't exist for my homemade PC). I inadvertently did a scan for new hardware and found that the drivers for My video card had a recent update. that was it I loaded the new driver, the firmware upgrade and my maps are loaded before the screen is even loaded.

    I hope this helps everyone that had the same issues I had. spread the word.
  7. SSD
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