6755g2 laptop gpu question

I bought an HP dv6-6128ca and it just arrived today in the mail,

a6-3410mx cpu
6520g+6750m cpu
4GB ddr3
750gb hdd

so i know that dual graphics is actually a performance hit over the 6750m, so i was wondering if there was a way to make my laptop use the 6750m ONLY whenever gaming (i have already turned off crossfire in the catalyst options)

so if i turn it off then will it automatically switch from the 6520g to the 6750m when running a 3D application?

and also how reliable is it for recognizing that it has to switch over?

if its not very reliable is there some way to force turn on the 6750m before i launch a game?

thanks in advance!

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  1. where'd ya buy it from? and doesnt it have the 6755g2
  2. hnijhar said:
    where'd ya buy it from? and doesnt it have the 6755g2

    i bought it from bestbuy.ca and yes the 6755g2 is what its called when both of those cards are running at the same time
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