Can I install Windows 7 OEM on a mobo that already has Vista OEM on it

I am having to install a new hard drive on a friend's computer. The thing is though, he doesn't have the install disc or even the sticker with his Vista code on it. So I wanted to know if it is possible to install a copy of Windows 7 OEM onto the new hard drive (nothing else in the computer has changed--same mobo, RAM, etc). Is this possible or will the mobo have issues with a new Windows OEM?
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  1. Yes you can. If is a clean install it must be fine.
  2. Run first this, make sure it will work.

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  3. Actually if it already has Vista on it then you could get the Win7 upgrade version instead of OEM it is about $10 more but the advantage is the license becomes a Retail license instead of OEM so if\when you upgrade later the Upgrade version can be used on the new system where the OEM license dies with the original system it was installed on. (So worth the $10 IMO)
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