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Hi guys,
I have an i7-2600k and I was using a hyper master 212plus until this morning when it abruptly stopped working. After browsing newegg and amazon I'm not exactly sure on what to get. I was wondering if I could get any suggestions on what to replace my 212 with.

I'm looking for something under 70 dollars - preferable near the 30-50 dollar range.
I'm hoping it's relatively easy to install and preferably doesn't require me to take out/unseat my motherboard to install (which is something I had to do for my 212).

The case i'm using is the AZZA Solano 1000.
This case allows you to access a limited portion of back side of the motherboard (under the cpu to seat a backplate) with this case. In my case the 212's backplate was too wide and required me to just take out the motherboard to properly install.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. Sounds a bit odd that a CPU cooler would just suddenly stop working.

    Did the fan just quit or did something else happen?

    Perhaps you just need to re-apply thermal paste and reattach the heatsink ?

    Or replace the fan part if that is what broke.
  2. Just replace the fan, no point in throwing away a perfectly good cooler.
  3. Oh snap* that's right I just need to replace the fan. I forgot the 120mm fan is actually clipped on
  4. Just check what kind of connector the fan has 3 or 4 pin and get a fan with similar connection. It's probably 4 for the CPU fan.
    Like ultra high end one will cost you $20 bucks, good ones are in the $10 range.
  5. Sometimes with all these things I miss it's a wonder how I managed to build a pc in the first place. It's a 4 pin connector. One of my friends suggested getting a scythe or noctua 120mm
  6. Very good fans. Don't just look at CFM. These are fans that excel at being used on a heatsink. It comes with 2 fans so you can use push pull.

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