Is the XFX Double Radeon HD 6950 2GB good enough for these games ?

I'm planning on gettting a new graphics card for my gaming rig, do you think this GPU can run these games on high or (if i'm lucky) ultra settings with atleast 40 or 50 FPS ?

witcher 2
crysis 1 and 2
arma 2
max payne 3

also will i get decent FPS in multiplayer on BF3 full 64 players when it's on high settings ?
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    You can certainly run them on high at 60fps+. Also Im pretty sure you can play on ultra but probably on all of those games, probably with one or two things turned off. I dont know about arma 2 since i've never played it but read that it is badly coded. I play bf3 on high with some settings on ultra and it never goes below 40fps on big 64 player maps. This is with a 560 ti 1gb.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that the 560 Ti is nearly on par with the 6950 but the 6950 has better specs. Also your version has more memory allowing to use anti aliasing (which the detail can only be spotted by people with eagle eye view detail)
  2. one more thing, i have a 750W psu, its a 80 plus corsair enthusiast, also the rest of my specs is an i5 2500k
    asrock extreme3 gen3 motherboard
    8GB rip jaws ram 1333 speed
    hyper 212 plus
    plextor dvd burner

    you think this PSU is good enough ? just making sure because i heard you need minimum of 650W in order to use the GPU
  3. That PSU is plenty.
  4. thanks man, i was about to shell out about 300 bucks for a gtx 570 but that was pushing a little to far since i'm still in highschool and can only work weekends.
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