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I'm looking for an affordable, compact and simple ATX case with good dust control for a replacement file-server. It'll be sat in my attic (so good enough to keep creepy-crawlies out) and running 24/7.

I wouldn't mind a 19" rackmount job, but they all look mega money (ebuyer did a cheap one for a bit, but it's gone now :( )

Any suggestions? The best I've found so far is fractal design's Core 3000. Anything better/more suitable?
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  1. For something I'll be throwing in my attic I would check out the local used pc shops for any case. I'd be buying a quality PSU to throw in a server anyways so why bother spending much on a case you dont really care about or rarely even see is my opinion. My server case in the basement is a real old pc case (tall and skinny) but hey it holds my 8 hard drives so for free why not. My bedroom htpc case is an old vcr/dvd player I gutted/modded. Actually that turned out really kewl.
  2. That's not too bad an idea..
    I've got a few Used cases already, but they're Dells and/or baby AT (yup that old). And beige. Guess I'll have to acquire some more 'stuff'
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