[Graphics Card] Best Card For My Setup?

Current Set-up

Intel Core i7 2600 3.4 GHz
64 Bit
37" 1080p Monitor
Windows 7 Home
AND...a cheap Intel GFX card

My budget is $200, and from what I've seen, GTX 560 is $180
I've also seen AMD 7770, which is $130

Are they similar? Is it worth saving the $50 for a card which, if is, the same?

EDIT: I just posted on Y! Answers and someone posted this: "The AMD 6870 is slightly better than the GTX 560 and is cheaper (most run for only $170)."

How is this possible? How can a 6000 Series Card be better than a 7000 Series Card?

Someone please shine some light on this.
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  1. I agree, the 6870 is slightly better than the GTX 560, and it's most definitely better than the HD7770.

    Just keep in mind that just because something is newer, it doesn't mean it's necessarily faster. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viQYLDKMqzY This video is long but it's worth the watch.

    Also, the Radeon HD6870, if I remember correctly, was aimed at the Higher-Mid range market, much like how the HD7850 and 7870s are today. The HD7770 was aimed at the Mid to Low mid-ranged market if I understand correctly. I can't remember too much details at the moment so don't quote me on any of this.
  2. This chart shows you what you need to know. Personally, I run a GTX 560 ti and it does a great job.

  3. I'd recommend hd 6870 over the gtx 560 but if u could get a gtx 560 ti it actually beats hd 6870 :)

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