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Ok, I spent $40 on the Nero serial thinking it was better then Ez Cd Creator. Ez Cd Creator has no problems burning a CD at 16x but Nero does for some un-godful reason! I have a Plextor 16x10x40 on a 1ghz Thunderbird running an MSI K7T Turbo w/576MB PC100/PC133 RAM. I don't think I could have any problems at burning at 16x with Nero if it would let me. I choose to have it write at 16x, but it does it's stupid tests and lowers the write speed. Hmmm uh I don't think it knows what it's doing other then pissing me off! Anyone have any ideas. I'm running the latest version (v. 5.5)

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  1. just turn off the test then it isn't really needed

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  2. Yes, you can turn the test off. Nero is very configurable (as opposed to EZ CD Creator). It takes a little bit of getting used to (and sometimes solving bugs), but once you do, it's a great program.

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  3. Nero disables BURN-proof for the drive when the testing is enabled, so ... yes, turn it off.


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  4. Yeah, I'd have to call operator error on this one too. Nero has a bunch of options.

    Ezcd is nice when you first get your burner, and have never EVER read a single paragraph concerning the operation or design of a cd writer. Just like the help .chm files helped people for the first 4 months of Windows 95.
  5. Thanks for everyone else's help in this situation ...

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