Problem of starting computer with both ram sticks in service

i have amd athlon x2 2.7 GHz processor, 250 GB SATA hard disc, asus m2nmxse motherboard with 2x2 GB ddr2 800 MHz fsb ram and 450 Watt SMPS.
The problem is sometimes computer doen not take start with both ram sticks in slots. Rams are checked and found ok. The problem sometimes solved by changing the battery and sometimes not.
Please help me to solve this problem.
I also can not access full 4 GB ram in windows 7 althoug it was showing 4 GB but accessable ram around 3 GB.

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  1. Are you sure you're running windows 7 and not windows xp ?
    Reseat ram and run memtestx86 8 passes overnight, with both sticks on.
    Are you running 32bit or 64bit Windows 7 ?
  2. What your seeing with windows showing 3gb is normal for a 32bit installation as it can only reference 4gb total and factors in other memory first, like whats on your video card, before system ram.
  3. You mean Shared with Video Ram.
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