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Ok, so this is probably going to be a simple solution, but I need some help here. I just upgraded a friends system, from a 5670 to a 6850. Now he didn't have a 6 pin, so I just used a molex adapter. The issue is that I had to take one of the molex's from a case fan, and he wants that fan running again. He does have an extra 4 pin open, so is there any way cable I could use, or make, that would let me convert the 4 pin for use with the molex?
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  1. Well use 2 pieces of cable. Place the red one (fan pin ) to the 12V of the psu and the black one(fan) in one of the middle (ground) of psu.

    its really easy but the fan will run at full speed
  2. This fan was just molex, so I think it was already. So no simple adapter solution then? Looks like I will have to wire it?
  3. Also, if there is any way I could use a molex and the 4 pin to attach to the 6850, which takes 1 six pin, that would work to. That would leave the last molex open for the fan.
  4. Well i usually wire them with both black wires :D
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