How do i clear my internet browser history

How do I clear my Internet browser history?
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    Im suspicious as to why you need to clear it....


    -Clear recent history

    Internet explorer:

    -Delete browsing history

    I am sure other browsing programs like Chrome have the same thing.
  2. With internet explorer you go to tools and select internet options and the in browsing history you select delete and the choices that you have you can do individual things like cookies and passwords or check all the boxes and delete all browsing history. Once you do that though you will also delete any saved passwords that you have checked off on any of you favorite sites and you will have to re-enter them , including games.
  3. porn?
  4. @ryanwyvill1, shut your mouth don't post like those.
  5. Next time, before you go to the TOTALLY NOT PORN websites, simply click Tools (if using Firefox) and click "Begin Private Browsing." No cookies or history will be saved for that session.
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  7. LOL! avoid dodge sites in the future. If temptation is too much though, take a look at this extremely useful guide....

    It explains why simply clearing you history is NOT enough and what else you need to do.
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