Cx430 power requirement

hi dears,
I am using corssair cx430 watt PSU with hd6700 gpu.
I hav V guard UPS of 600VA/360Watt output.
I also connected creative 5.1 speaker system to my UPS.

Now the problem is , when the power off(or when voltage down) the UPS will off in 2 or 3 seconds.
I think its battery is weak now.
Is it good for me to replace that battery or buy a new UPS with more watt as output.
Is this 600VA is sufficient to run 430 watt corssair.

If not please suggest me a good UPS for this PSU.
I only need 5 or 10 minutes backup.
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  1. That power supply will pull about 550w from your UPS when running full-tilt.

    Add your monitor and whatever else you intend to connect and then you have your wattage requirement.

    Realistically, a 600w UPS should work for you if you don't have a power-hungry vacuum-tube monitor or something crazy.
  2. ok...but my new problem is i need to press my cpu power button multiple times to boot the system..
    How i can recover from this problem..
  3. CPU power button?
  4. ya the power button
  5. If you are talking about your computer's power button, then you should check your CPU temps. I had a CPU that was overheating and shutting down. It ignored my attempts to restart until it cooled down.
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