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i have a pentium e2200 and a radeon 6770 2gb ddr3. Is my cpu bottlenecking my gpu? If so, would a q6600 be enough to handle the radeon 6670? I would like to also know what games the radeon 6670 can handle. Could it handle blacklight retribution or assassin creed 3?
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  1. Hm.. well i mean it might be a bottle neck but it shouldnt be too bad. whoy not upgrade to a i3 and new mobo there pretty cheap nowadays
  2. Are you sure it isnt bottlenecked? I cant run blacklight retribution on 1920x1080 even though the gpu should be able to handle it
  3. Well whats your gpu usage when playing games? download msi after burner and see. i had about 85% and i overclocked my cpu to 3.8ghz and got 99% on games so you can see like that
  4. I have 99% based on kombuster but my cpu is dual core 2.2 ghz
  5. 99 on gpu? thats fine then that means your cpu isnt bottlenecking your gpu its letting the gpu go at full so your fine man
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