Looking for card in $400-$500 range.

I'm looking to replace my Radeon 4870X2. As far as the rest of my setup goes, I have an Intel i7 920 and an ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard with 6GB of DDR3 and an Intel 80GB SSD so I think all of those components are fine for now. I've been looking closely at the Radeon 7970 vs. GTX680 and I'm somewhat torn. The GTX680 does look to spank the 7970 in many of the benchmarks I've seen but I'm still torn. Opinions?
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  1. I would go with the GTX 680 if you want to spend 500, if not, get a GTX 670 which is nearly as good and is 400. The GTX 670 is pretty much equal to the HD 7970.
  2. i suppose i'll look into some more 680 vs 670 comparison. how much difference is there really?
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    Your 4870x2 is still pretty powerful, about equivalent to a $200 card right now (6950, 560 ti). Cards in the $400-500 range would definitely be a noticeable upgrade, but not mind-blowing.

    But enough of my bias; in that range your options for a single card are

    gtx 680 - most powerful single GPU card, but

    GTX 670 - best bang for the buck in the $4-500 range. this performs so close to the 680, it's not worth the extra $100 for most people.

    HD 7970 - performs the same as a gtx 670, so not worth the money.

    Since your motherboard supports crossfire, though, my vote is for

    2x HD 7850 - massive performance for the $. It will max every game in existence @1920 without breaking a sweat. Performance is in between the 680 and the 690 (which is 2 underclocked 680's)
  4. the reason i'm looking to replace the 4870x2 is because it's overheating so badly. it's getting up to 109C within about 10 minutes of gaming and that's WITH the fan at full blast. i've sprayed everything out with compressed air to no avail.
  5. i think i'm going to wait for the gigabyte 670 when it comes back into stock. i'm hearing a lot of good things about the performance compared to the other brands of 670.
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