Help choosing video card for MMO Gamer (Guild Wars 2)

In the forseeable future I am only going to be playing Guild Wars 2. I may grab Archeage and of course will get EQ Next whenever it comes out. But for right now the only thing I will be playing is GW2. I don't do any other gaming on my cpu, just MMO's. Need help choosing a video card. Been looking at a few different ones. My price range is $200 to $325 area, hoping to go lower end. Some of my choices are Radeon 7850, 7870 or 7950. I would like for my card to be viable for the next 3 years too and will crossfire my card in the future if it starts to diminish and not do games on ultra. I def want ultra on GW2 running 1900x1200. My setup:

z77 extreme4
corsair hx750
g.skill 8gb
cm haf 922
asus vh236h
windows 7

thanks all for the help
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  1. Dude, Always go With the Best you can affor, you wont regret it, If you can get a 7950 then buy it.
  2. I agree with Chulex. If you don't get the best you can now, you'll just end up upgrading earlier than you have to.

    2.5gb DDR5 Memory, 480 CUDA cores. Can be SLI'd in the future if you ever need to.
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