Sapphire 6950 2GB Dirt 3 Failed Flash, HELP

Hello everyone! I have a slight problem, i tried flashing my bios to the 6970 and it didn't work out, the #2 bios position doesn't work (no boot, blank screen). I wanted to flash it back to the original bios and i seemed to have misplaced my ORIGINAL factory bios configuration. Does anyone have the unmodified bios for the 6950 2GB? and how would I go about flashing it back to the original bios, please and thanks.
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  1. start with this read.

    then this.

    also remember,not all cards are unlockable,and the gains are really not all that great,I believe the AVG was only like 7%,so I found it not worth it,however,the 2nd bios(switch position 2)on both of my cards had unlocked shaders already,so thats where I left it.
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