CPU/GPU/RAM Not at full load when playing Aion

Hello my computer specs:

CPU: i5-3450 @ 3.10Ghz
Im using CPU-Z and Windows Task Manager to monitor my CPU usage while playing mmorpg such as Aion.

In CPU-Z it says 3811.00mhz core speed, aswell in AI Suite II.
In windows task manager its CPU USAGE: 20%-40%

this is tested on cities where there are many players.
I also get 30-40FPS where there are many players.

MY GPU: GTX 660 2gb OC Series
GPU USAGE: 65% max. Usually 20%-40% average.
30FPS where there are many players busy areas.

60+FPS in non-busy areas
*Busy areas = many players around etc..

MEMORY: DDR3 16GB RAM 1866mhz speed
In CPU-Z i dont know if this is my ram usage or speed its running at average but it says
DRAM Frequency : 927mhz average

So i guessing 927mhz/1866mhz 50% ram speed used

Other specs you probably need to know aswell:

Mobo: ASUS p8z77-v LK

Antec Kuhler 620

WIN 7 - 64bit / directx 11

anything else you need to know let me know so i can let you know.

ALSO i want to make em go max load to get best performance out but how do i do that? I Play max graphics and cpu/gpu/ram is mostly at 20%-50%. Never 100%.

How do i make it go higher?
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  1. The game is running as fast as it can and using all the memory it can. Its not waiting on cpu or ram. When those go up towards 100% then you are approaching trouble and will need to upgrade.

    its likely aion is waiting on info delivered over the internet, like what those players are wearing, where they moved to, what action they are doing... all so it can look good to you. Your FPS goes up outside of populated areas because now the game doesnt have to send you much info. All the map & terrain info comes off your HDD (as do all the graphics for what everyone is wearing, spell effects, & such)
  2. so your saying its the game/server itself is the problem and not my computer?
  3. You can try turning off AA type settings (maybe its called ssao) in the game graphics if thre are any but with a 2gb GPU unless your running multiple monitors or high resolutions, your 660 should be fine, just keep in mind that Aion is way more demanding than something like Wow.
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