New PSU turns off at boot

I just bought a new power supply for my pc so I could upgrade the video card in it. After installing the PSU and making sure everything was plugged in correctly I started it up. It seems to instantly turn off a few seconds after the desktop appears. The PC didnt turn off when I booted it up in safe mode. The power supply is the Corsair CX430 and I would like to know what I could do to troubleshoot this problem.
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  1. did you connect power to the gpu?
    odd that it doesnt do this in safe mode and all I can think of is the gpu needing more power in normal mode than safe mode.
  2. The GPU that was in the computer previously didnt connect to the PSU and I havent put in the replacement yet.
  3. Putting in the new graphics card seems to have fixed the problem.
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