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I've got phenom and 8800gtx whithout motherboard. The purpose of this computer is mainly internet, video, sometimes programming and sometimes gaming. What I want is silence when not in gaming. Can I somehow switch between quiet videocard which I can buy and 8800gtx or maybe I should buy motherboard with integrated video like ASUS M5A88-V EVO. I just don't want to replace cards by hand. Can I just plug the cable to another card to make it work and will another (noisy) card turn off or I have to restart pc. Can I buy mb without integrated video and have 2 card, 1 for usual work, 1 for gaming and switch between them whithout removing pc cover.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. No, the Asus M5A88-V EVO does not support the feature you wanted. What you are looking for is called hybrid power that exist in older nVidia chipset motherboards. Here is an article about hybrid power.
    But hybrid power works only in some graphics cards model specifically the 9800GX2 or 9800GTX. Unfortunately, your 8800GTX is not compatible with it.

    However, you do not really need to constrain yourself with such old technology because it has been rendered obsolete by newer video cards which idles at very low power consumption & down clocks by itself for non-gpu intensive applications. I tried to find whether the 8800GTX have such downclocking feature but I am not able to see any good reference ( even in nVidia website ) that will show whether it downclocks on its own.
  2. Thanks alot, I will upgrade my video card.
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