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  1. where do you live? what is your budget? what parts do you not need? i need to know these to help you out better
  2. India
    budget $800 (44000)
    parts not needed monitor,speakers& keyboard mouse
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    prices will be US
    its over by 50 USD
  4. suggest a psu frm flipkart cant find the model u listed
  5. actually the one you chose is very good. if the M12II 520w is closely priced, get it
  6. ok thanx
    the gtx 560 i linked is that good?
    will it be able to max bf3 and fifa 12
  7. i meant the psu before

    the 560 i suggested has a much better cooling solution
  8. ok thanx!! wat abt those games will it be able to max?
  9. close but not quite
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