My BFG Geforce 210 Is Over Heating To 105c

I need help with my gpu it is a bfg geforce 210 and is overheating big time i have had it for about a year and have had no problems until a few months back when it was shutting down my pc due to the gpu reaching a whopping 110 when i play games when my pc is on idle it sits at 50-60 degrees i have tried cleaning the fan out countless times check the fan everything is normal Please Help Me ?!

Specs are preety bad for now ....

Amd Athlon 64x2 Dual core 2.1 ghz
1gb DDR3
BFG Geforce 210 1gb
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  1. Check your case airflow system. Case must have intake and exhaust fan due to keep low temp. Your gpu idle temp is pretty high.
  2. Is not your computer is the company brand BFG Tech .

    BFG Tech Company went downturn so they stop making graphics card because alot of people say it burn up fast regardless of airflow around the computer.

    My First Graphics Card BFGTech 6600 GT burned out.

    Started out 50-58 IDLE
    month later
    56C--66C IDLE
    2 week later
    72C- 84C IDLE
  3. the fan probably died, or is clogged in dust. It is not the brand, all gt210's have cheap fans, some didn't even have fans. You get what you pay for. Check the fan, or better yet, go spend $40 and get something better.
  4. Well it is the brand BFGTech Card will break much faster than other brands of GF210.
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