Upgrade To Ivy, Or New GPU?

I don't know if i should get a new GPU now and keep my Phenom II 965, and wait for Haswell (Or Piledriver :/), or get an 3570k and keep my 6950.
I'm happy with my Phenom II@ 4.2ghz(1.5375v), as it still seems to pull its weight, and money being a factor, getting the HD 7950 would probably be cheaper, so I'm leaning towards it, and i might be able to afford an upgrade to my water loop with the HD 7950 (I has the Rasa RS240).
Thanks for any help and advice.
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  1. With the info given you'd have to change your motherboard to upgrade to a new type of processor. Best bet to go with 7950 right now and wait for Haswell. Switch to intel AMD hasn't been doing so well. Before anyone says I'm a fan boy I'm running on a 970 BE.
  2. K, thanks i'll keep my Phenom II for now. Think it would be better to crossfire the 6950 i have now, or replace it with a 7950? Sorry, I'm pretty much a hardware noob : /
  3. Are you going to unlock your 6950s to 6970s?
  4. Prob not gonna unlock, gonna OC tho, and maybe add them to my water loop
  5. Well take a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlX4o2ZXIKs.

    6950 CrossfireX is on par with GTX 580. The GTX 580 is also on par with 7950. Crossfire 6950 should be on par with 7950 It comes down to your pick. Between price and preferences. However the 7950 is PCI-E 3.0 and future CPUs will support Pci-e 3.0 like the IVy Bridge. The 7950 is more future proof. How much are you planning to spend on the 6950?
  6. 6950 crossfireX would have micro stuttering issue seeing its a dual gpu set up compared to a single 7950 set up.
  7. Looks like you can pick one up for about 200$ on ebay, might get one of them
  8. And never thought about micro stutter. I'm not sure of what to do then : (
  9. I'm cross firing 2 5670s and I have yet to even see what micro stuttering is. $200 for the 6950, I mean I can only speak for myself, I have not had any trouble with these cards yet. The 7950 is at least $130 more.
  10. Thanks, i think i'll go with the Crossfired 6950's. Thanks everyone!
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