Intel Broadwell chips

Anyone else see these reports?

If those are true, definitely sticking with AMD hardware. Intel soldering the chips onto the boards only seems to be bad for us as consumers in my opinion.
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  1. Yes, but apparently the successor to Broadwell will be "Skylake", and that will have the CPUs that can be replaced.
  2. I saw that, but from what they said, that will only last a generation or so and they will probably go back to soldered. Hopefully AMD fills the gap, or people catch wind of it and are up in arms.
  3. Both Intel and AMD offer 'embedded' processors for certain market segments and have for decades.

    What makes this one different?
  4. If I'm understanding right, unless I read the article wrong, doesn't this mean that potentially intel will at some point have all chips soldered to motherboards? I know that AMD likely does this in some realms also. If they only do that for mobile, I could see that. If they extend it to that for desktop PC's and all or 75% of chips weren't replaceable, then imagine what that would mean for enthusiasts.
  5. Assuming the rumours are true, it looks like Intel will solder all their mainstream chips to their boards. The only CPUs that will be swappable will be the enthusiast class and server processors eg. LGA 2011 or whatever its future equivalent is.

    All I can say that if this is true, it may give AMD a much needed leg up in the CPU sector, assuming they survive the next couple of years.
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