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Best sub 65 watt cpu for under 100$

uses, light gaming on integrated graphics, some light 3D design things, and standard college stuff.
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  1. It doesnt matter what the use it, it matters what its powering, and sub 65 watt? does that even exist?
  2. Yes they exist, i3, i5, i7, a10, a6, a4, and a few other older generation parts not to mention laptop cpus. I think you are thinking PSUs to which I point you to pico psus that use a twelve volt input and are tiny.
  3. If it wasn't for sub, I'd probably say the A10-5700 is fine. (It's 65w)
  4. If you want to use the integrated graphics for light gaming, the A6 is probably your best bet. None of intel's cpus under $100 even have the HD4000 which is still worse than the A6.
  5. Yeah i read PSU, my mistake.
  6. Obviously the A10 is better but by how much. This is a very subjective question but what would feel faster, an A10 with a HDD and 8gb of 1600 ram or an A6 with a SSD and 8gb of 1866 ram.
  7. any intel pentium is great for your needs !!
  8. any intel pentium would be great for your needs !!
  9. I highly doubt a pentium 50 will play games at all with integrated graphics
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    A10 with 4gb of 1866 ram and an HDD will be better.

    Unless you need the 8gb of ram, this would be the better option. An SSD won't give you more FPS.

    The A10 is much faster than the A6.

    this is with the higher power versions but the difference should be comparable.

    a pentium will have worse performance than the HD2000.
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