Need Help Upgrading System to Intel

Hey guys here is my system at the moment... I have been doing major upgrades and ill put next to the new parts what I used to have.

CPU: Phenom II X4 945
Mobo: ASRock 970 Extreme3 (ASUS Evo-M Board... Crapped Out)
GPU: EVGA GTX 480 (GTS 250)
Memory: 8 GB G.Skill Sniper Series - 2133 (4x2gb 1333mhz Assorted brands)
Heatsink: Hyper 212 Plus (945 Stock Cooling)
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 650w (ORION 585w Generic PSU)
Case: NZXT M59 (Generic Voyager)
Ventilation: 5 Case Fans... (Added 3)
HDD: WD 500gb Standard HD

So as you see I have upgraded everything except for HDD and CPU. I am currently being bottle necked by my CPU and I have my Motherboard Eligible for a Return by the end of the day! So This needs to be quick!

I realllllllly am trying to stop the spending, but here is what I have found: Microcenter has a sale on a
Core i5 2500K LGA 1155 for $159.99. And If I RMA Board, Ill receive $80. And I want to stay as cheap as possible while retaining quality for a motherboard. I HAVE the cash...but dont want to spend more than necessary. What Does everyone think? Smart purchase? Or should I go with another Intel Processor?

Please Hurry I have a strict deadline!
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  1. The microcenter deal is as good as it gets for a combo; sell your leftover parts and your rma board and it won't cost too much. Just be realistic about pricing; about one third off the original price and you might get some buyers.
  2. Yea, Well as you see I literally have everything needed to build a new PC. So My father is buying my 945 for $50 which can go towards that as well. So

    159.99 for 2500k -130 = $30.

    But I need a Motherboard, so What should I be looking at?

    One of these boards should be at microcenter; they don't support sli, but with your budget, I wouldn't pay extra for it.
  4. Yea, Im not going for SLI... Heres my main concern. I will Be O/C A good amount so... is it worth the extra $15 and go for..

    8+2 Power Phase or Stick with 4+1?
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