Display drivers for Win 7 32bit,

where can i download display drivers for Win 7 32bit, P4M900 mainboard
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    In this link:

    From there, select operating system: vista x86. It will work for win 7 32bit.
  3. I get the link from google :D
  4. Welcome to the forums!

    Unfortunately, your VIA P4M900 based system is extremely dated and, as such, official Windows 7 drivers are not provided through VIA's Download Page.
    They do however provide Windows Vista drivers which, with a little effort, could potentially be used.
    Alternately, Windows 7 should be able to obtain the latest drivers through Windows Update.

    As a last resort, I have located Windows 7 drives for your IGP Here.
    Unfortunately, I can not vouch for the site and would only recommend trying them after all other options have been explored.

    Best luck!
  5. In this link:

    Display drivers, operating system: vista x86. win 7 32bit. worked well for
    my pc. I downloaded them from this site
    like you instructed. Thax..
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