Explain Different 3 Pin Fan Adapters?

This Adapter says it's a 3 pin adapter for a fan, BUT it only has 2 pins if you look closely?

However, if you look at this adapter it actually is 3 pins,

Please explain the difference?

I have a spare 2 pin one, (or i guess you call it 3 pin still) laying around.

The reason i ask, i'm currently waiting on my new build to get to my house, and my case will have 3 fans + CPU fan.
The MoBo i got only has TWO 4 pin fan connectors and a CPU Fan Connector.

The difference between a 4 pin and 3 pin is that the MOBO can control it or something?

Anyways will a case fan fit an adapter like this, (i think i have this exact same one)

Do all fans have 4 pin female ends? and are all universal to 3 pin or 4 pin?

Thanks so much, i'm a new PC builder working on my 2nd build. Any help is really appreciated!

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  1. give the name and model of the case and motherboard the link you give are for 3 pins fan to molex connector
  2. The adapters are essentially the same.
    The second example has 3 pins, but only two are connected.
    These adapters will connect fans with three pin ends, but they will run at full speed.
    You can slow such fans down by inserting a rheostat, like a zalman fanmate, or a 5 or 7 volt low speed adapter.
    The third pin(often yellow) is for a fan speed sensor, and when used in a motherboard connector lets the motherboard sense the fan speed.
    A free app like speedfan can report and control such fans.

    The 4 pin mobo connectors can handle fans with pulse width modulation such as is found on stock intel heat sinks.
    If you plug in a 3 pin fan, it will run at full speed and report rpm to the motherboard.

    Some case fans will have 4 pin molex connectors, and some will have 3 pin speed sensing connectors. Some will have both.
    Then there are the 4 pin PWM fans which arw usually used on a cpu cooler.
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