Razer or Tt eSPORTS?

Hey, I'm looking for a new mouse. We've all heard of Razer, but I came across this gaming company in Taiwan called Tt eSPORTS, and they seem to sell some pretty attractive equipment, in terms of specs. Has anyone tried their mice or any of their other products? I checked online, and they seem to have good reviews, but I'm trying to decide between getting a Razer Mouse or a Tt eSPORTS one. I'm not really looking to spend over $60 and I will use the mouse mainly for gaming. RPGs and FPS games.

I don't know much about mice, so here are the links for Razer mice and Tt eSports mice, respectively. Please let me know which one is better, and why. Thanks :)
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    Most of the esports suggest they are worrying too much on aesthetics in thermaltake. They look chunky and uncomfortable.

    With mice, you really want to focus on that top priority of speed and feel. And if it doesn't feel right and it doesn't move fast, you won't like it.

    I personally own a razer naga and its ok. My hand is a little too big for it, but it has plenty of great features. Lots of keys and the dial pad dont hurt. I also own a steel series kana and I see it as a standard for new-age mice.

    But it's about your personal choice. I would strongly recommend going to a store, unless you NEED to shop online, and trying some out yourself.

    It gives another touch of personality to your choice and it helps refine what would work perfect for you. I ended up loving the WoW Cataclysm mouse (even though I don't play WoW) by Steelseries because its huge, and has about 15 programmable buttons.

    Truly, it's your own decision to make.
  2. Thanks for the great reply. I probably should have mentioned I'm not the kind who needs like a million buttons on the mouse. I'm leaning more towards overall performance and smoothness. As you rightly said, it's about the feel and speed.
    The problem with going to the stores and checking them out is that you rarely get the opportunity to actually try it out, and half the time, the stuff you actually want is never there, ergo getting it online. :P

    The Naga has great reviews and a lot of gamers love it. I'll look more closely into it. Thanks :)
  3. No problem, I'm happy to help another member of th.

    Keep us updated on what you end up getting if you will, it's become a curiosity to me :p
  4. All right, so after much research, I think I'm going to go with the Razer. It's far more popular and has many more accurate and reliable reviews. Thanks a lot :D
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