AMD FX-6300 Humming

So i recently built my first computer and it works great but today i turned on the fan controller in my bios which makes the system alot quieter but now i have noticed a weird humming or chirping from my cpu. I also have noticed that it only occurs when the cpu is under very little or no stress. I tried looking through other forums and have not seen anyone with a similar issue. The humming does go away after i use a stress program (prime95) and when i have a game open.
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  1. That sounds like Coil whine from the Motherboard, its not the CPU, CPU's don't make any noise, there is nothing in them to generate noise.... :)

    What Motherboard is it?
  2. It is the Biostar 990 fxe
  3. mine did that it ended up being a bad power supply it hummed and hissed when doing nothing then eventually started doing that all the time . had to rma it
  4. Play some music, maybe it'll hummmmmmmm to the beat of the song.

    On a serious note, sounds kind of like the PSU as 06yfz450ridr mentioned.
    What is your PSU model?
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