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Alright, to preface this, the Battleground lasted about 19 hours. I
played from 7pm to 6am, so I played for the last 11 hours of it
(whereupon we won). Yeah, I didn't get much sleep. But it was the
most fun I've ever had in this game.

By the time I had gotten into the game the sides were already in a long
and drawn-out struggle at the bridge near the Alliance's base. It took
ELEVEN HOURS to move the 100 or so yards past the bridge and finally
win the game. Here's how we did it.

For one, the reavers and wolf riders weren't very useful. From what I
understand the wolf riders are purely defensive, so they didn't help us
at all in this. The reavers might have attacked a few times, I'm not
sure, though I did hand them the orders. The key point in winning is
LOKHOLAR. Wow, what an awesome summon! We had people clearing the
mine, getting supplies, training wolves, getting ram hides and the
like, but by far the best investment of player time was summoning and
feeding Lokholar.

When Lokholar is first summoned he is small and fairly weak. What you
want to do is "feed" him, whereupon you train nearby Alliance guards on
him, he kills them, and then gets stronger. You do this for a bit
until he reaches his maximum size, then it is time to unleash him. How
exactly to do this is unclear; he's content to just sit around in the
middle. One of the first times we got him to attack the Alliance base
was when they accidentally trained him there on themselves. I think I
may have figured it out eventually though: after I handed the reaver
commander in the middle the attack orders, I noticed that Lokholar
moved out on the offensive and didn't come back. Maybe he responds to
the orders too?

So you might be wondering, what exactly happened over those eleven
hours? Well, for one, there was a constant back-and-forth war, with
the Alliance sometimes pushing us as far back as two graveyards into
the center area. But we always recovered quickly and most of the
fighting occurred over the bridge as we summoned from that nearby
graveyard. A lot of the heavy losses we incurred where we lost
graveyards was due to those damn ram riders. Those things are vicious.
Too bad we couldn't use our equivalent, the wolf riders, on the

We went through I think five Lokholars or so over the course of eleven
hours until we finally figured out what we were doing. At about the
tenth hour Lokholar was in their base slaughtering them, we were
healing and buffing him, and then we rushed the north bunker and took
it down. From then on it was sort of like a domino effect. Without
the bunker the Alliance had fewer archers firing on the bridge, and it
was even easier to take out the south bunker. Mind you, Lokholar was
tearing through them this whole time. He's also rather bugged, as he
would get stuck occasionally and I even saw him evade bug back to full
health a few times. The Alliance weren't concentrating their attacks
on Lokholar like they should've been and instead went for the honor

After we took the south bunker all that was left was to take their aid
station (their last spawn point, otherwise they have to spawn in their
BG entrance) and slay the General. The assault on the aid station was
even easier than taking out the bunkers as we only faced Alliance
troops and a few guard NPCs while we had Lokholar on our side.

Finally, we took the aid station, and it wasn't hard to take down the
General after that, not with the Alliance spawning so far away.

Some comments:

The monster in the middle, Karrak, has some truly amazing quest
rewards. If you do it the right way he probably requires at least
twenty people to put him down. Well, we only had ten (the other 30
were busy fighting on the frontlines), but we managed to put him down
anyway, using the graveyard zerg. Since you recover at full health and
mana at the graveyard, which isn't that far away from Karrak, it's not
that hard to slowly whittle away his life so long as all of you don't
die at once and he evades back to full health.

Don't bother with picking up flesh off your opponents. It's only used
for summoning war riders (flying creatures), and once they're summoned,
they're summoned. Any flesh past that has no point as unlike all of
the other summoning abilities on the battlegrounds, this one isn't

And I hope to go back to Alterac tonight and win another victory FOR
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    I'd love to read more. If anybody has tales describing Warsong Gulch I'd
    like to see that also I may wander that way this weekend or next week after
    things take up their new balance.

    Were there constant raids on TM while the Alliance were waiting?
  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    >From what I've heard Alliance are yet to win anything, cries of unbalanced
    >are blowing in the wind.

    Actually my guildmate, a dwarf, took part in an Alliance win two
    nights ago. I waited an hour to get in last night and finally gave
    up, so I don't know how that one went.
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