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Dell Dimension 2400 Fan

So I am upgrading an old dell dimension 2400 and I want to get a new cooling fan in there. I have been looking around on google but I have not been able to determine if there is a specific fan that I would need to get. The stock fan that is in there also has a green cover over it so I want to make sure that if I do replace it everything will still be compatible.

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    Matt, I would imagine that a good number of fans would fit that space.

    It just needs to be 92mm and have a 3-pin motherboard power connector.

    Most of those fan casings are just for airflow, but 99% of them can deal without, and twice as many when the fan is upgraded.

    Gimme a second while I fetch some examples of fans that would fit that purpose.
  2. Awesome, Thank you very much.

    I just had one last question, Will the outer casing where the fan actually sits in be compatible with the mounts on the case for my computer?

    Or is it more a matter of taking out the old fan from the outer casing and putting the new one in?
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  4. I don't understand exactly what outer casing you are referring to, :p but this whole part

    Comes out and a new part goes in the same place with the same screws/mounts as the old one
  5. ya I was reading into what comes with the fans, and most of them come with everything that i would need.

    Thank you very much again you have been a great help!
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