Bad performance with ati radeon hd 4650

My GPU performs worse than it did before... A good example is GTA San Andreas. Before the mysterious "something" happened i had around 50 avg FPS with maxed out... But after the mysterious something I'm getting fps drops when looking at a certain direction and it drops rly bad like to 10-20 fps for some reason. Now, there happened something before a year or so, my GPU fan burnt so i replaced it with one from an old PSU which has the same voltage as the burn one... So the only difference is that the PSU fan has a bigger caliber, but there is no problem with it at all! It's keeping the GPU at 38-45(45 when gaming) degree Celsius. What is that mysterious "something" that happened and lowered the performance of my GPU? I doubt it's the new fan, i think it may be the new drivers or something.... I really have no clue... I want to ask you how can i get the old performance back, rolling back drivers, getting an original fan for GPU??
Please help :cry:
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  1. [start with gpu-z make sure your mb still reading the card as it should. same bus speed same pci rev. ie (16x) mode and not 8 or 4x.) i would run cc cleaner a malware byte scan and a good anti virus scan to make sure there noting running in the back ground using cpu or ram. i would also use the ms config and go to the start up tab and turn everything off but your anti virus.
    mb ram is a fixed size...loading theing up like itunes that are not needed just waste it. i would do a clean install with a drive sweeper for your video card drivers and reinstall directx from ms web page. if the game still running slow (fraps) check to see if there are game patches and video card set ups. some time it aa settings is to high causing low fram rate or you have things like water effects turned on high that eating gpu clock cycles. also check the game v-sink setting most new video card drives have v-sink. sometime they can lock a card at 60 frames or less. try turning it off in both the game and in the video card control.
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