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DAW music production software benchmarks:

Bascially the charts shows CPU stregnth? The higher, the better? Are the overclockable ones OC'd for the tests? I'm confused because so many people said not to get a laptop with a i7-3632QM or i7-3630QM and that a desktop will be way stronger, but those two QMs rate so high, I think higher than even every desktop except for the really high-end i7s and XEONS.RAM's a factor, but aren't the mobile tests done with a laptop that's capped at about 8 GB ddr3 with 8GB ddr3 in it?
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  1. You buy a laptop if you need a laptop, desktop if you are looking for a stationary computer because of upgrade ability and so on. This especially applies to gaming where the GPU becomes the most important component. Those benchmarks are only one aspect of what CPU's can do and are not real time performance like multi application benchmarks.
  2. If you get a laptop and want to keep it for 18 to 36 months get a CPU that is +25% to +50% more than you think you need as the CPU is not user upgradable after the purchase.

    85% of the time, neither are laptop video cards (GPU modules).

    For the same price you may be able to build two desktop computers, or get an Ultrabook and a moderately powered desktop PC (that you can upgrade both the CPU and GPU over time and save $$$).

    - SDB
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    Those are PassMark benchmark scores. PassMark is a benchmarking software which runs the CPU through many stress tests like read/write operations, math calculations, and graphics processing. People who run PassMark can submit the score they got with their processor so those charts are showing the average submitted scores for each processor. I wouldn't read into the overclocked processor charts much because they include mild overclocks as well as extreme overclocks, and there's no way to know how overclocked the processor was when it got the given score. If you really want to see specific scores, you can click a processor from the list and it will show the last 5 submitted scores along with information like RAM, measured speed, hard drive, graphics card, etc.

    As far as your mobile processor, you are right, many of the mobile processors will rival the lower high end desktop processors so you don't need to worry about lack of mobile power. The amount of RAM varies with the user who submitted the score, but it's mostly irrelevant since the test only stresses the processor. I have a desktop i5-3570k and a i7-2720QM laptop, and the laptop processor is pretty much just as powerful.
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